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Start your journey with a 'My Story' appointment. We'll get to know you, understand your goals and decide the type of support you need.

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Whether you want to lose weight, stop smoking, get active, or more, we offer free programs created by our experts to help you succeed.

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We enjoy celebrating every achievement. When you come to the end of the programme we want you to be proud to say 'This is My Story'.

Wellness Coaching

Supporting you and your family on a journey towards a healthier future.

Weight Loss

Tailored support to help you become healthier, stronger and happier.

Quit Smoking

Don't delay! There are so many benefits to quitting smoking.

Alcohol Advice

Understand your drinking patterns and find resources.

Exercise Referral

designed especially for those with specific medical conditions.

Mental Health

Discover support within our programmes and available resources.

what will your story be?

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At Your Health Dudley, we understand that everyone’s path to wellness is different. That’s why we offer “My Story,” a completely free, personalised approach where we really listen to understand your unique health experiences and goals.

With “My Story,” we create a health plan just for you. Whether it’s managing your weight, quitting smoking, improving mental health, or any other goal, our programs are designed to meet your needs without cost.

Our team of experts will support you every step of the way, from our first chat to celebrating your successes. We are dedicated to understanding your needs and giving you the attention you deserve to make your health goals a reality.

Are you ready to share your story and start a life-changing journey to better health for free?

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