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At Your Health Dudley, we offer special guidance for better physical health, especially for those with specific medical conditions*.

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Welcome to a world of holistic wellness with Your Health Dudley.

Your Health Dudley provide an Exercise Referral programme which is dedicated to enhancing the physical activity levels of individuals with specific medical conditions, aligning with the NICE guidelines.

The 12-week supervised programme is designed for those aged 18 and above, specially tailored for a range of medical conditions from heart complications to mental health challenges.

We will provide an initial consultation, deliver an induction session, introducing you to all the equipment relevant to your programme and ensure you have the support you need to sustain lifelong healthy lifestyle changes. 

Who we can support

*Exercise Referral programmes are available to:

Local Residents

Aged 18 and over

Have a high-risk condition affecting exercise

So if you meet the above, please contact us today and start your journey towards better health.