Vegetarian Greek Style Gyros

Image of a 'Vegetarian Greek Style Gyros' dish, serving size for 4. The gyros are made with roasted chickpeas, spiced with smoked paprika

Ingredients: Main Ingredients Extras Flatbread Tzatziki Dip Instructions: Dip Filling (Make the flatbreads before you prepare the chickpea filling) This recipe is from the British Dietetic Association

Spinach and Feta Scrambled Eggs


Ingredients (for 4): Instructions: Preparation Time: 5 minutes Cooking Time: 5 minutes Approximate Calories per Serving: 200 calories This dish is simple, flavourful, and packed with protein and healthy fats. Perfect for a low-carb start to your day!

Naked Turkey and Smashed Avocado Burger

Image of a well-cooked and solid 'Naked Turkey and Smashed Avocado Burger'. The burger is made from ground turkey, which is thoroughly cooked

Ingredients: For the turkey burger For the smashed avocado For the spicy mayo Instructions: This recipe is from the MyFitnessPal blog, it is low carb and high-protein.

Grilled Zucchini Hummus Wraps

Ingredients: Instructions: This recipe, inspired by the MyFitnessPal blog, is not only delicious but also packs high nutritional value, including protein and fiber.